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Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose.
~From the television show "The Wonder Years"

Welcome to Xeratol Memories!

Once in a while, we stumble upon things we never realized that would stay with us forever. However, there are occasions when we stumble upon something we never want to forget but we sometimes do. This website is dedicated to preserve my memories and remind others of the joy and happiness we've gone through. Feel free to browse through my archives of digital photographs of people and events that we may have shared.

Maximizing the Features

This website has been created in order to personalize the way I keep my memories. Aside from that, it was created for easy of use. One of the features of this website is that clicking on a picture to view it's larger version does not require for another page to load. When viewing in this mode, you can easily navigate through the rest of the pictures by pressing the Left and Right buttons (or 'P' for Previous and 'N' for Next). This way, you need less clicks to view your pics :D

Right-clicking has been enabled because many people want to download some of the pictures. However, the watermark remains on the downloaded picture :D

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